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Weekly Virtual Venture Café

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On Tuesday, May 19, industry experts Jennifer McCann, Dr. Mary C. BoatmanAnnie HawkinsGrover Fugate, John O’Keeffe, and Erik Chapman reviewed the growth of offshore renewable energy in the United States and discussed what we have learned from this experience from a regulatory, industry, and resource user prospective. This webinar is part of a four-part webinar series to learn from our past experiences and also understand key issues regarding the potential cause-effect relationships resulting from the construction and operation of offshore renewable energy installations and recommendations for minimizing impacts and promoting opportunities for positive biological outcomes. 

On Thursday, May 14, Rhode Island based design panelists Lisa Carnevale, Libby Slader, Jen Long, and Adam Anderson discussed their solutions to the challenges we are facing in today’s “new normal”. From designing masks and face covers, ventilators and testing facilities in the response to how the states “reopen”, businesses get back up to speed, and neighbors engage in the recovery, designers play an important role. 

On Thursday, May 14BIG NAZO LAB’s Dr. Tremendanus discussed subterranean social distancing encounters with select extraterrestrials who’s off-planet flights were cancelled and who are now conducting “Social Distance Street Art Processions” in undisclosed locations in Providence, RI on Biosphere Earth.

On Thursday, May 14, Yarrow Thorne, Founder and Executive Director of The Avenue Concept, and Angie Gonzalez, Rhode Island artist AGONZA, described the past, present and future of public art in Rhode Island and shares why it is important to the Rhode Island ecosystem, especially in time of crisis and social-distancing.

On Wednesday, May 13Navyn Salem, Founder and CEO of Edesia Nutrition, discussed the company’s mission to produce the life-saving tools needed to help overcome both malnutrition and consequential public health impacts. Closer to home, Edesia is helping to fill gaps in local food distribution during the pandemic by donating nutritional packages to Providence youth. 

On Wednesday, May 13, we joined Dan Gertrudes and Korey Cournoyer of GrowthLab for the second part of the series focusing on understanding today’s challenges through the unique shifts in our economy and everyday life, while planning for long-term success. 

On Tuesday, May 12, Dom Messerli, Board Member of RI Bio, shared experiences with running a human clinical trial in today’s environment. Are you wondering how your clinical trial is being impacted? What do you think will happen with patient enrollment rates? What does the future look like for clinical trials? What actions can you take to stay on track with your human clinical trial? If these are questions on your mind or if you have answers to these questions, this will be a worthwhile pop-up event for you!

On Thursday, May 7Daniela Fairchild, RI Office Of Innovation, spoke with James Monti, West Warwick Public Schools, and Angela Seifer, National Digital Inclusion Alliance, on how we can close the Digital Divide.

“One in five Rhode Islanders do not have access to in home internet. If we think about the internet as opening doors to opportunity, those doors are closed for 20% of our state.” – Daniela Fairchild

On Thursday, May 7Allison McNally of the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission chatted with Cassies Sutton Coats and Emily Adams of Open Door Health on their pivot to adopting telemedicine and how access to broadband is impacting people’s ability to receive necessary healthcare services.

On Thursday, May 7Ashley Medieros (Connect Greater Newport) moderated a discussion with Steve Johnston (Open Cape), Macky McCleary (Guidehouse), and Peggy Schaffer (ConnectME Authority) on cross-regional approaches to broadband adoption.

On Thursday, May 7, Rhode Island State Rep Deb Ruggiero and Andrew McCardle, an attorney at Best Best & Krieger, discussed trends in telecom policy nationally, what municipalities and states are doing to make broadband access more equitable, and how the state of Rhode Island can build a better network for all its residents.

On Wednesday, May 6, we welcomed Nicole O’Malley, Executive Director of Hands in Harmony, who discussed the impact of music therapy and described how Hands in Harmony has pivoted to provide neurologic music therapy services remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.

On Tuesday, May 5, Elisabeth Swain led a group of panelists to discuss the struggles, concerns, and unexpected silver linings we are experiencing as we navigate parenting during this unsettled time. What are we going to keep from this time? What are we going to get rid of? What seeds of inspiration are we hoping to grow? And how the heck are we ever going to get some me-time? 

On Thursday, April 30, Arnell Milhouse led us in a conversation about thinking outside the classroom. Education will change more over the next few years than it has in the last few centuries. The greatest changes will come from young students, who realize that “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”.

On Thursday, April 30, Michelle Cruz told us a story. They say when we lose an elder, it is akin to losing a library of knowledge. We all have a story to tell and it is important to document them. How do we bring out the pieces to our own puzzles and collect them so others can hear and see? How can we use creativity to uplift our voices and shine light to our collective existence, especially at this time? We can do this by showcasing ourselves through the art of the story, song and more.

On Thursday, April 30, Allison Ingalsbe of Creative Solutions facilitated a deep dive into understanding the student experience with a design thinking workshop. Students, parents, educators, and community members apply the basics of design thinking to better understand how empathy can play an important role in innovation for education.

On Thursday, April 30, a dozen students from across Rhode Island shared their experiences and perspectives on the current state of primary and secondary education. 

On Wednesday, April 29, Eileen Hayes, President and CEO of Amos House spoke about the work being done to support the homeless populations of our community through the COVID-19 crisis.

On Wednesday, April 29, Dan Gertrudes and Korey Cournoyer of GrowthLab focused on understanding the challenges you are facing today through the unique shifts in our economy and everyday life, while planning for long-term success. 

On Tuesday, April 28, Danny Warshay, serial entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Nelson Center For Entrepreneurship, and Arnell Milhouse, Co-Founder/CEO, CareerDevs and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Nelson Center For Entrepreneurship hosted a fireside chat to explore the topics of entrepreneurship, education, and how teaching entrepreneurship to young people can help them see world problems as solvable especially in times of crisis.

On Thursday, April 23, Justin Manley highlights important developments in the Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) sector before moderating two startup flash talks: Jud Kauffman of Terradepth and Derek Puzzuoli of Igloo Innovations/Seahawk Robotics

On Thursday, April 23, Blue Economy and startup experts including: Hope Hopkins, Justin Manley, Rhonda Moniz, and Roger Race joined Toby Stapleton for an in-depth conversation highlighting the blue economy spectrum from startups to major companies with special attention to thriving bluetech startups, the role of networking and partnerships in their development, and how funding is changing in current crisis.

On Thursday, April 23, we were beyond thrilled to welcome Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to introduce this week’s Virtual Venture Café featuring Black Swans in the Blue Economy.

On Wednesday, April 22, Jen Silbert (Co-Founder of Spartina Consulting), Walter Berbrick (Associate Professor, War Gaming Department at U.S. Naval War College), Allison Ingalsbe (Design Thinking Facilitator), and Todd Knapp (Owner, Envision Technology Advisors) spoke to us about how today’s business challenges spark a new dimension of thinking.

On Wednesday, April 22,  we will welcomed Mike Chea, Director of Pinpoint Translation Services, to speak about how his organization is helping nonprofits during the COVID-19 crisis. 

On Tuesday, April 21, Steven Nijenhuis of MMID shared with us how they are prototyping to build products and learn how to build your own prototype to solve your problems today. We need to keep on prototyping to learn and actually speed up the design process.

On Thursday, April 16, Joe Devine, Interim Executive Director of Tech Collective; Christopher Hughes, Account of Executive of Bridge Technical Talent; and Manuel Lobao, Senior Manager Information Security of Carousel Industries, introduced the Technical Hacker class. This class explained the professional advantages of becoming an ethical hacker. 

On Thursday, April 16, Francesca Spidalieri, Sr. Fellow for Cyber Leadership at Pell Center of Salve Regina University, shared tips and advice for companies facing these security, privacy, and availability issues. Cybersecurity matters to companies now more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, companies — large and small — are facing specific digital risks, including more exposed systems and data, increased risk of malware, third-party vendor risks, limited bandwidth & cloud capacity, and lower visibility into critical business operations. 

On Thursday, April 16Todd Knapp, CEO of Envision Technology, led us in a discussion about what you should be doing today to address the risks you’ve inherited, and what new security measures and technologies should be put in place going forward to best support a new Distributed Workforce and maintain your company’s culture.

On Thursday, April 16, Congressman Jim Langevin joined Richard Siedzik, and Dave Marble for a Q&A on cybersecurity policies coming out of Washington.

On Thursday, April 16, we welcomed Jesse Roberts, VP of IT Security at Compass IT Compliance, to discuss the spike in phishing attacks related to COVID-19, focusing on why it is important to train end users now more than ever. In addition, viewers looked at some example phishing emails that are being sent by spammers.

On Thursday, April 16, Richard Siedzik discussed the importance of “Cyber Risk Management”.

On Wednesday, April 15, Dr. Amy Nunn, Cassie Sutten Coates, and Emily Adams, PNP, of Open Door Health, spoke about how they are maintaining personalized healthcare remotely. 

On Tuesday, April 14Patrice McKinley, Personal Development and Success Coach at Expecting Results Coaching, sat down with her client Laurie Ruttenberg, President at Lucky Dog Resort Inc. for an in-depth conversation on how getting an inspired idea, something that excites can create a new model about what’s possible.

On Thursday, April 9, Patrice Milos of Medley Genomics, Jay Round of RI Bio, and Annette Tonti of RI Hub, shared with us important updates in the Healthcare and Manufacturing Industry.

On Thursday, April 9, we joined Kunal Mankodiya, PhD and Coordinator of Rapid Solvers and the University of Rhode Island, to learn how community and industry are working together to quickly prototype, test, and produce the equipment necessary for the Covid-19 crisis.

On Thursday, April 9Jason Enos of Empire Group led a discussion on the balance between safety and speed. As leaders across industries rush to be part of the solution, how can we ensure that the solutions themselves are safe, effective, and scalable? Join Jason Enos of Empire PD for a discussion on additive manufacturing and the road ahead.

On Thursday, April 9Bill Cameron and Janet Himmelreich of 3Comply told us what you need to know to manufacture N95 masks. Bill and Janet walked us through the manufacturing requirements, common misconceptions, and how they have helped other organizations navigate this process.

On Wednesday, April 8Deborah Burton of RI Elder Info, spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on the senior population. Cultivating Caring Communities for our Elders: The COVID-19 crisis has shed a bright light on the social isolation that many Seniors face every day. Join the conversation to learn what resources are out there for our Seniors and how we can cultivate a culture of caring in our own communities.

On Tuesday, April 7, we joined Ainsley Cantoral, Strategic Initiatives Advisor at Providence Housing Authority; Ashley Medeiros, Project Director of Connect Greater Newport; and Daniela Fairchild, Director at Rhode Island Office of Innovation for an in depth discussion on the impact that statewide broadband internet access would have on Rhode Island. How does internet connectivity across Rhode Island impact business, education, medicine, and innovation? Statewide internet access varies greatly and has a tremendous impact on businesses across the state. 

On Thursday, April 2, we learned how Kelley McShane and Jamie Schapiro used the Newport Folk Festival to grow the Granny Squibb’s brand.

On Thursday, April 2Brian Halloran led a session on best practices for reopening your food or beverage business, be it physically, or online!

On Thursday, April 2, David Dadekian of Eat Drink RI hosted this special hour-long session dedicated to asking questions, sharing struggles, and brainstorming innovation for the food and beverage industry.

On Wednesday, April 1Andy Posner of Capital Good Fund,  shared information about Capital Good Fund’s programs, including their new Crisis Relief Loan.