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Failing to follow employment laws can shut down your startup or small business. Alicia Samolis and Joshua Xavier of Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP explained how to grow your team the right way, following all relevant employer laws, and protecting your business assets. This is the second part of our Taking Care of Business: Legal Guidance from business and litigation attorneys of Partridge Snow & Hahn series.


How can business owners set themselves up to avoid or mitigate conflicts with shareholders, employees, and vendors as they enter 2021? Russell Stein, Daniel Burgoyne, Christopher Cassara, Suzanne Elovecky, Andrea Jacobs, and Brian Reilly are all Attorneys at Partridge Snow and Hahn broke down the steps that can be taken now to prevent legal conflicts moving forward and the best practices for mitigating conflict when it does occur.”


Our next Israeli Gamechanger is Dr. Kira Radinsky is the director of data science at eBay, where they are building the next generation predictive data mining, deep learning and natural language processing solutions that will transform eCommerce. Previously, she co-founded SalesPredict, one of the fast-growing companies in Israel, with global presence and sales, which was acquired by eBay in 2016.

And from our ReLAUNCH series, we welcomed Mark Collins from OnWebLocal. He led a workshop on best practices to increase your business’ online presence through search engine optimization (SEO). With tips from building a strong Google My Business page to leveraging keywords throughout your website, small business owners were shown the skills to get their business increased visibility, traffic, and online sales.


Christine West and Brigida Capicotto of KITE architects present an innovative approach to housing the homeless in collaboration with House of Hope CDC. Kintsugi Place, a tiny house village of nine affordable housing units will create innovative, permanent housing while fostering community.


Respecting the fundamental humanity and dignity of the occupants has been a central focus of the design process. Based on the Japanese art form that is it’s namesake, the vision is a community where someone will be embraced for their scars – the parts of them that others see as deficiencies – and treat them as strengths. Life in a small home setting allows those who are moving off the streets to live safely within 4 walls that are nurturing by design but also allow an individual to live affordably within their means.

Building a better business is far more than just having a great idea. Justin Sirotin, founder of OCTO and co-founder of Route Werks, discussed what it takes to build a successful business, how a systems mindset can help drive the right strategic direction and insights for success, and how the OCTO spinoff, Route Werks, hit their Kickstarter goal in just 6 hours and exceeding their goal by over 500%.

Ana González, host of Mosaic, The Public’s Radio’s podcast on immigration, highlighted the experiences around the intersection of entrepreneurship and immigration in Rhode Island with guests Conroy Outar, owner/operator of Ja PattyCharlie Chin, owner/operator of Asia Grille, and Jennifer Nazareno, Assistant Professor of Public Health and Entrepreneurship at Brown University.

The virtual Baird Symposium Webinar Series on Offshore Renewable Energy wrapped up last week with three presentations on the influence of noise and EMF (energy emission) on benthic communities using pre-construction, construction, operational phase, and decommissioning of offshore wind structures. .


William Collis, author of the The Book of eSports, is a serial entrepreneur and eSports expert who has chronicled the development of the sector. William discusses the evolution of eSports as an entertainment phenomenon, including the rise of streaming platforms, the emergence of franchise leagues, and more. More importantly, he contemplates the future of the multibillion dollar eSports gaming industry – and why it matters to the future of humanity.

Jessica Willing-Pichs, Principle, Research and Product Strategy at Ximedica, leads the virtual monthly technology forum showcasing the newest medical innovations spanning from digital & connected products, diagnostics, pharma & drug delivery, robotics, materials, sensors, to inventions you never thought you could imagine.

Peter George, leads a presentation on successful pitching strategies. For more than 15 years, Peter George has helped others develop into speakers who positively affect others. He has helped others learn how to craft and deliver presentations that engage, persuade, and inspire. As a public speaking coach and trainer, he specializes in helping executives, attorneys, and other professionals to be calm, confident, and credible every time they speak in public — whether they’re presenting in meetings, speaking on stage, or selling to prospects. This presentation is part of the 2020/2021 Rhode Island Business Competition.

 One highlight from this design-focused Thursday Gathering was the conversation “Leadership by ReDesign,” an in-depth discussion on how key leadership influencers are redesigning the meaning of leadership to face the unknown future. It featured Zara Crichton, (Venture Café Global Institute) along with Lorne Adrian (Global Fellows in Courage), Hilina Ajakaiye (RISE Women’s Leadership Conference), and Carrie Majewski (Women in Leadership Nexus). 

The longest running community-driven business competition in Rhode Island kicks off its 2020-2021 season virtually with a panel of past winners and finalists from the Competition. Anthony Mangiarelli, RIBC Board Member, moderates the discussion with Rajiv Kumar, President and Chief Medical Officer at Virgin Pulse, Abbie Kohler, Co-Founder and CEO at ResusciTech, and John Rafferty, Founder and CEO at Retail Marketpoint, as they discuss the application process, how to give an effective pitch to the judges, and the value of building a network with advisors as well as tips for managing as an entrepreneur.

Researchers present an ecological perspective on how the changes created by offshore wind development affect the food web, with a focus on how this relates to fish as key elements in the food web. A bottom up perspective, will link how habitats and food web changes, including links to migration, reproduction, and species composition.

There’s no better time than during a pandemic to rethink how we reinvent our environment and find new pathways to network. In this edition of Innovation Break, Annette Tonti, Managing Director of RIHub, speaks with local entrepreneurs on the front lines changing our environment and making relevant connections seamlessly. First she speaks with Dan Reilly and Bill Maya of Legably, followed by Joel Evans of The Voice Advisors.

Rhode Island researchers and academics are actively developing treatments and diagnostics for COVID-19. Melissa Simon of the RI Commerce Corporation leads an academic panel with four researchers: John McMichael of Beechtree Labs, Angela Slitt of the University of Rhode Island, Maria Grazia Ruocco of Lab on a Chip, and Lenny Moise of EpiVax. 

RI Bio’s Life Science Advisors provide an extended network for the organization’s Board of Directors and RI Bio members to help advance the Life Sciences in greater Rhode Island. Hear from this newly formed team of Advisors, who contribute their important resources and connections and bring their passion for growing the Life Sciences economy in Rhode Island and Southern New England. 

The monthly MedTech Forum showcases the newest medical innovations spanning from digital & connected products, diagnostics, pharma & drug delivery, robotics, materials, sensors, to inventions you never thought you could imagine. Presented in partnership with NEMIC and Ximedica. 

Amy Erickson, Program Manager at Venture Café Providence, talks with Karla Vigil, CEO of the Equity Institute, on advocating for diversification of talent and driving innovative approaches in the education sector in Rhode Island. 

Bret Jacob (Deputy Director of Policy, City of Providence) highlights the outsized work, pay, and behavior health gaps for the LGBTQIA= community and his efforts to close that gap through the launch of the LGBTQIA+ job fair. 

Kristen Mashikian discusses Envision, an impact accelerator dedicated to supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs. The Brown University student shares how the newly-formed company supported 17 student-led ventures through its first accelerator, partnered with some of the nation’s leading tech and venture firms to offer non-dilutive grants, and how it looks to explore growth opportunities to scale the impact. 

Venture Café New England’s President, Dan Vidaña, talks with the organizations newest board member, Justina Gallegos, on the drive to strengthen impact driven organizations, the importance of diversifying board leadership, and motivations for joining a board. 

Angela Ankoma, Executive Director of the United Way of Rhode Island, moderates a discussion with Meredith Curren, Founder of Trouble, Mike Ritz, Executive Director of Leadership RI, and Sonya Sepahban, CEO of Our Office, on cultivating emerging leaders, strategies and motivations for joining a board, the impact of board diversification, and more. 

In this session, Kassandra McGlone and Shane Viola of Insperity, discuss the business lifecycle from conception to exit and how business leaders must consider hiring, training, retention, benefits, culture, and separation with employees through that cycle. 

In partnership with RIIC and RIHub, District Hall Providence brings you the best Israel has to offer to Rhode Island’s innovation community. Each month, some of Israel’s most exciting entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business collaborations and research stateside present about their venture.

How can Rhode Island grow smarter, greener, and more accessible? Grow Smart RI shares their strategies for applying smart growth principles to transportation with a focus on bike and public transit. Featuring Scott Wolf, C.J. Opperthauser, and John Flaherty.

Maggie Bachenberg, CEO of Pointz, is revolutionizing how we move by bike and navigate through urban trails. She is developing a mapping tool to help folks navigate safely and efficiently through urban environments. Think Waze for bikes.

Jeff Flath, CEO of eNow, discusses his disruptive, innovative bet on the trucking industry: Solar powered big rigs. His proprietary technology is not only allowing the trucking industry to become more environmentally sustainable, but it brings financial savings as well.

How can towns, businesses and schools play a role in building a better transportation network? Ashley Medeiros (Head of Strategy and Impact, Venture Café New England) moderates a conversation on how the collaboration between the Town of Warren and the Warren business community have addressed transportation barriers with RIPTA. Featuring Bob Rulli (Town of Warren) and Peter King (Water Rower).

Launched October 2018, Providence’s E-Scooter Share Program enhances existing transportation options by providing an easy, low-cost solution that connects riders to the first and last miles of their commute. In this session, we speak with, Ashley Brown (Senior Government Partnerships Manager, Spin), Jakob Frenette (Deputy Chief Operating Officer, City of Providence), and Sabrina Solares-Hand (Chief Operating Officer, City of Providence) about forging a successful public-private partnership, mobility equity, redesigning city streets, and more.

In the third part of SideThrive, James Kwon, CEO of Figmints, shares steps 5, 6 and 7 of the “7 Startup Steps to Starting, Scaling, and Thriving in Business,” including topics such as marketing levers and gauges, organizational development, team dynamics, and the exit.

Since the murder of George Floyd, Toye Onikoyi of Muse Interactive has been working on an AR/VR experience that uses empathy and technology to help people understand one another. Toye shares his vision for the soon to be unveiled, Justice Room, which will allow users to experience, compare, and contrast the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Local historians and scholars, including Tim Cranston, Charles Roberts, and Dr. Morgan Grefe, share how their platforms draw attention to voices overlooked by the dominant historiography of our region.

Christopher Wilczewski of Functional 3D Scans will shares 3D Capture Technology and how his company is helping historic scholarship by working with Dr. Kathy Abbass at Rhode Island Marine Archeology Project scanning historic artifacts and other local sites.

Tuni Schartner, Venture Café Providence’s Executive Director and RI’s Economic Gardener, invites Casey Belisle to discuss how drumming can be integrated with social work to promote creativity, expression, and improved public health outcomes for youth and professionals alike.

James Kwon, CEO of Figmints, shares steps 3 and 4, including topics such as establishing your runway, telling the exact right story that connects to your audience, and building the world that your business is going to live in.

Hilina Ajakaiye, Founder of the R.I.S.E. Women’s Leadership Conference and Executive Vice President of the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, shares how she integrated her passion for health, wellness, and women empowerment to build R.I.S.E Women’s Leadership Conference while thriving as a mother, wife and a high profile career.

As womxn design products for womxn they face additional challenges moving forward with testing, mentorship, and funding but local entrepreneurs are undaunted. Hear how they’re ensuring building better products for women. Featuring Jeanette Numbers of Loft, Kerlyne Jean-Baptiste of KerlyGirl, Pam Berkeley of ReShoes, and Emma Butler of Intimately.

Alva Belmont hosted numerous gatherings at her home in Newport, Rhode Island, playing a significant role in the women’s suffrage movement. Trudy Coxe, Executive Director of the Preservation Society of Newport County, explores this history and Belmont’s gardens at the Breakers.

The monthly MedTech Forum showcases the newest medical innovations spanning from digital & connected products, diagnostics, pharma & drug delivery, robotics, materials, sensors, to inventions you never thought you could imagine.

If you ever come across a how-to-start-a-business book that opens with writing a business plan, go ahead and throw it away. In this workshop, James Kwon, CEO of Figmints, dives into a new framework that relies on classic principles of scaling businesses in a digital era. Part 1 of a 3 part series. 

A recording of our roundtable talk on the future of work as a part of The Happening: Connecting Innovators to Make the Better Normal Happen, Venture Cafe’s 1st ever global virtual Thursday Gathering on August 6th, 2020. Hear innovators discuss their visions for how a better normal could look after this transformational year – how can we build safe, collaborative environments in person and online, and what technology can help us get there? Discussion facilitated by Tracy Brala, Vice President of Ecosystem Development at University City Science Center & Executive Director of Venture Cafe Philadelphia.

A recording of virtual tours of art studios all over the world as a part of The Happening: Connecting Innovators to Make the Better Normal Happen, Venture Cafe’s 1st ever global virtual Thursday Gathering on August 6th. See artists & curators showcasing art virtually for 10-15 minutes each. Moderated by Angela McQuillan, Curator at University City Science Center.

A recording of our roundtable talk on the future of equity as a part of The Happening: Connecting Innovators to Make the Better Normal Happen, Venture Cafe’s 1st ever global virtual Thursday Gathering on August 6th. Hear innovators discuss their visions for how a better normal could look after this transformational year – how do we create an equitably funded, more inclusive environment for BIPOC innovators/entrepreneurs? Discussion facilitated by Leigh Ann Buchanan, Esq, Executive Director of Venture Cafe Miami.

On August 6th, we hosted virtual tours of art studios all over the world as a part of The Happening: Connecting Innovators to Make the Better Normal Happen, Venture Cafe’s 1st ever global virtual Thursday Gathering. Watch this recording of artists & curators showcasing art virtually for 10-15 minutes each. Moderated by Angela McQuillan, Curator at University City Science Center.

A recording of our roundtable talk on the future of education as a part of The Happening: Connecting Innovators to Make the Better Normal Happen, Venture Cafe’s 1st ever global virtual Thursday Gathering on August 6th. Hear education innovators discuss their visions for how a better normal could look after this transformational year – how can innovators reinvent how humans learn from home & in the classroom safely, equitably, and effectively? Discussion facilitated by Sherita Love, Director of EdHub STL, Venture Cafe St. Louis

Leading the way to a better future for all students, professors are masters of coordination as they maneuver their way through new technology and new teaching methods. Featuring: Ezenwayi Amaechi, Johnson and Wales University Kunal Mankodiya, University of Rhode Island Arlene Nicholas, Salve Regina University Avi Mallinger, Venture Café Providence.

Soham Khaitan, discusses development, design, and pivots for the venture Ambi, a ‘learner social network’ supporting supplemental engagement and educational resources for institutions of higher education.

Rebecca Cox and Rishma Vera discuss Project Olas, a virtual language learning platform, connecting students in the US with native Spanish speakers in Guatemala.

Joey Jelinek shares the evolution of Nurture Pods, a social impact venture built out of school closures from COVID-19. Nurture Pods facilitates the development and execution of learning pods, to share home-schooling across a micro-community of families.

Julian Alssid, CMO of Unmudle, discusses the development of the new online education platform, Unmudle, aimed at building a network of community college workforce development courses.

The presence of students, staff, and faculty at local universities and colleges has an outsized impact on the local economy. With educational institutions running online and hybrid models into Fall 2020, we discuss the economic fallout on and efforts to strengthen Providence’s local economy.

As digital marketing and tech tools take centerstage, many businesses are wondering: What’s really working? Is it Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook? Organic or paid? Is any of this really whats making the register ring? Jay Murphy, CEO of Trionia, speaks with Suzanne McDonald, Newport Interactive Marketing, as they discuss tips and tricks for using Google Analytics to guide your marketing decisions to generate sales.

Despite the abundance of research that confirms how diverse teams foster increased innovation, diversifying an organization’s leadership structure often takes a back seat to other priorities. This session features leaders from various organizations discussing how to integrate diversity at all levels of their organization, with an emphasis on board structure and development. 

A startup showcase featuring flash talks from three emerging ventures followed by a discussion covering product design, market launch, and the unique assets available in Rhode Island entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

“Advancing public health for youth through after-school programming” Kelly Ramirez, CEO of Social Enterprise Greenhouse in conversation with Justin Pasquazzi, Co-Founder of ASTRO 

“Navigating Risk Through 2020” part of the series Focusing on the Challenges of Today, While Navigating Cash Flows of Tomorrow 

In this monthly forum, Jessica Willing-Pichs, LLB, Principal Research and Product Strategy at Ximedica, shares emerging medtech innovations from around the world.

In an economy of increasing scarcity, rehabilitation and reuse of historic fabric will become more and more necessary. SLICE is a novel adaptive reuse strategy for large, underused buildings designed to bridge the gap between abandonment and full rehabilitation. It uses small, strategic occupations to preserve a building’s prominence and value while making positive urban contributions. This design research project, inspired by a historic building in downtown Providence, was supported by a 2018 grant from the James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation.

Katie McDonald, CEO and founder of bnourished, had to learn the hard way. Depleted and sick from chronic overwork and the disease of busy-ness in her sales career with Time Inc., Katie had to apply her knowledge of self-care, alternative health, productivity, and nutrition to transform her own life. As a Self-care Strategist, Katie now devotes herself to coaching high achievers to make the thoughtful, deliberate choices it takes to become the people they want and deserve to be.

Now that Rhode Island School districts have submitted their plans to the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), an idea of what the future of classrooms will look like statewide is beginning to take shape. During this session, we hear from parents, students, teachers, and administrators as they share visions for redesigning the educational experience for increased equity and effectiveness in the near and long-term.

Rhode Island’s museums, cultural attractions and tourist hotspots have been hard hit by COVID-19. In this panel, leaders from some of Rhode Island’s most iconic institutions discuss safe reopening strategies, what visitors can expect to see, and the importance of Rhode Islanders patronizing the state’s most beloved cultural attractions again.

As restaurants reopen and once-postponed events get the green-light to proceed as planned, what’s next for the hospitality industry? During this conversation, industry experts share how reopening is impacting their workforce, financial forecast, and outlook for the future.

Rhode Island is not just a haven for food, but in recent years it has become a locus for food innovation. Even Johnson & Wales evolved it’s famed College of Culinary Arts to become the College of Food Innovation and Technology. On this edition of Innovation Break, Carlos Ventura, CEO of Feast & Fettle, and Saron Mechale, CEO GoTeff, speak with Annette Tonti, Managing Director of RIHub, on their respective entrepreneurial journey, driving innovation in the food sector with an emphasis on product development, operations, and supply chain.

Two scientists familiar with the Block Island Wind Farm share their science and perspectives on the impact wind turbine installation has had on the marine acoustics and ocean floor habitats. Monique LaFrance Bartley addresses the benthic habitat science, and Jennifer Amaral speaks to marine acoustics. Afterwards they are joined by Jim Boyd, a coastal policy analyst of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, and Dave Monti, Charter Captain and Fishing Guide, for an active discussion.

GrowthLab unpacks Rhode Island’s latest small business funding initiative – Restore RI. Many small business will qualify for up to $15,000 in small business grants focused on adapting, pivoting, or transitioning your business through COVID. Learn how to use this grant as a turning point for your business, understanding how to best invest for your growth and sustainability.

Historic buildings often don’t accommodate people with disabilities, but accessibility is an important social equity issue – how do we reconcile preservation goals with an inclusive approach? Christine West, AIA of KITE Architects and Jeff Camusso of Shawmut Design and Construction explore the innovative and dramatic approach to moving Sharpe House and joining it to its neighbor to create a consolidated home for the History Department on Brown University’s campus.

Saving Superman is an endeavor to preserve the Industrial Trust Building, known in Providence as the Superman Building. Placed on the National Trust’s list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in 2019, RISD’s Department of Interior Architecture joined forces with Providence Preservation Society to explore the reuse of the Superman Building in the final semester of the MA in Adaptive Reuse Program.

Michael Kenny and Seth Izzi of Building Enclosure Science discuss the building envelope consultant’s role in project development, budgeting details, and design for adaptive re-use in the built world with an emphasis on Providence City Hall and the Superman Building.

Suzanne McDonald of Newport Interactive Marketing leads a roundtable discussion with SEO, PPC, Social and Digital Strategists, Content Strategists and Web Developers for advice on pivoting your brand in overcoming ongoing obstacles.

Bruce Katz of Drexel University’s Nowak Metro Finance Lab breaks down his recent report on “Small Business on the Eve of COVID-19” paying special attention to the status of black-owned business prior to and during our current economic crisis with suggestions for how best to support their growth and development.

Patrice Milos, PhD (Cherrystone Angel Group), Betty Francisco (Compass Capital Partners / Amplify Latinx), and Deb Kemper (Golden Seeds), along with moderator Christian Appia (District Hall Boston / Roxbury Innovation Center) discuss how they are adapting and focusing their investing and support efforts on “Funding the Future.”

Innovators and small business owners in Rhode Island discuss the opportunities and challenges of building minority-owned ventures in the age of COVID and Black Lives Matter. Prosper Ishimwe leads the conversation with Sterling Clinton-Spellman of Polished by Sterling, Juan Wilson of JJUANtheBRAND, Kerlyne Jean-Baptiste of KerlyGirl, and Amber Jackson of The Black Leaf Tea & Culture Shop.

A conversation with Kelly Ramirez of Social Enterprise Greenhouse and David Dadekian of Eat Drink RI. The pandemic served up Rhode Island’s restaurant industry what some would call a recipe for disaster. David Dadekian of Eat Drink RI maps out how we as a community can keep our food scene thriving in Little Rhody.

It’s been over 100 days since RI Governor Raimondo first announced the closure of restaurants for dine-in service. Over the past 100 days, the foodservice, lodging and tourism sectors of the hospitality industry have had to be stronger than they’ve ever had to before. This discussion with Heather Singleton of Rhode Island Hospitality Association reflects on what we have experienced and what we are planning for the future.

Session 1 “Prevent Phishing”: 91% of all cyberattacks start with a phishing message. Learn why small businesses should take security seriously and how to prevent phishing. Led by Meredith Carroll and Matt Leathers, who have 40 years of combined experience in large and small company technology transformation. 


Session 2 “Enhance Your Toolkit”: No one is perfect. As adversaries update their toolkits, we update our defenses. Learn about the tools that you can use to defend yourself and when to use them appropriately. Led by Meredith Carroll and Matt Leathers, who have 40 years of combined experience in large and small company technology transformation. 

Session 3 “Work with Your Partners”: You are not alone. Your business has access to financial, government, and technical resources that help keep you safe and help you focus on running your business. Led by Meredith Carroll and Matt Leathers, who have 40 years of combined experience in large and small company technology transformation. 

It’s important that employees feel safe returning to work in a post Covid world. Brian Fulmer, Manager of Safety Services at Insperity, discusses efforts being put into place in order to allow employees to most comfortably transition to the new normal.

Innovation plays an important role in allowing safe re-openings in a post Covid world. Allyson E. Cote and Todd Thomas, co-founders of Ocean State Shields, discuss innovations being used to aid in a safe reopening.

Focusing on the Challenges of Today, While Navigating Cash Flow Planning for Tomorrow: How to Apply for PPP Loan Forgiveness

Hear from key leaders of the offshore wind industry including representatives Matt Morrissey of Orsted, Christopher Hardy of Mayflower Wind, Jennifer Cullen of Vineyard Wind, and Elisabeth Treseder of Equinor. Moderated by Hilary Fagan of RI Commerce Corporation.

Establishing a new industry takes a great deal of experienced support and human capital. Offshore wind developers depend on expert contractors to build, support, and maintain offshore wind farms and the land-based infrastructure that supports them.

Jeff Tingley, RI Commerce Corp, moderates a discussion with Dr. Drew A. Carey from INSPIRE Environmental, Neal Fine from Aquanis, Inc., and Charles A. Donadio, Jr. from Atlantic Wind Transfer, on emerging innovations in the offshore wind industry.

As the United States begins to open up areas for offshore wind development, established European OSW companies have taken note of the opportunities to grow in the American market. Hear from leaders in the field about the scale of the opportunity that exists in US waters and the economic impact on the ground.

Congressman David Cicilline, Congressman Joe Kennedy, & RI Secretary of Commerce Stefan Pryor kick off Venture Café’s Offshore Wind summit discussing how regional collaboration, innovation, and policy are helping Southern New England lead the way with offshore renewable energy.

SeaAhead brings their “Free Swim” to District Hall, connecting BlueTech innovators. Featuring presentations by Tom Birbeck, cofounder of ArcMarine and Alessandra Bianchi, Communications Director of SeaTrac Systems.

Focusing on the Challenges of Today, While Navigating Cash Flow Planning for Tomorrow: How to Apply for PPP Loan Forgiveness.

RI Bio Entrepreneur in Residence, Jay Round and Kerry Evers, Co-President and CEO at Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc., dive deep into the federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants available to life science companies in Rhode Island. They discuss the application process and how they can make your company more attractive to future funding as your venture scales.

RI Bio Executive Director Carol Malysz is joined by Dawn Hocevar, President/CEO at BioCT, discussing how Rhode Island and Connecticut are working together to build a strong, regional life sciences economy dedicated to promoting and supporting innovation.

A key member of the Rhode Island innovation ecosystem, RI Bio is working to build a stronger life sciences community in Rhode Island. Hear from key board members on what inspired them to join the board, their interest in life sciences, and what they hope to contribute to the life sciences community during their tenure on the board.

Yow-Pin Lim, MD, PhD and Denice Spero, Ph.D. discuss the founding, growth, and emerging opportunities for ProThera Biologics.

Each month, Jessica Willing-Pichs, Principal, Research and Product Strategy at Ximedica, shares and reviews the newest MedTech innovations from around the world!

“How to Align, Develop and Manage a Performance Management Strategy”: Does your organization have a Performance Management Plan? Is it working? Lauren Tracey, Insperity’s local Performance Specialist / Client Training & Development Consultant, shares in-depth insights with John Kelly on building performance management plans that work.

We talk about the ‘ones that left us’, but what about those who actively choose to come back to RI to build their company? Emily Levy, CEO and Founder of Mighty Well and Pat Sabatino, Founder & CEO Datarista, both left and then made a conscious decision to come back and grow their business in the Ocean State. They discuss their homecoming along with the benefits and existing challenges to building a business in Rhode Island.

Prasha Sarwate Dutra shares insightful strategies for how Her STEM Story has leveraged podcasting to amplify the orgs message and how the medium’s notoriously low barrier to entry can be a successful tool for advocacy for traditionally underrepresented populations.

“Changes in Habitats and Ecosystems”: Part 2 of the Baird Symposium Webinar Series discusses the change in the biological diversity and ecological interactions resulting from new offshore renewable energy structures at a local scale with consideration of larger ecosystems.

The Defense industry is a rapidly growing sector key to Rhode Island’s economy. Local defense and industry leaders Christian Cowan of Polaris MEP/401 Tech Bridge, Steve Bordonaro, of Naval X North East Tech Bridge/NUWC Division Newport, Whitney Tallarico of NavalX, and Christine Smith of RI Commerce, engage in an in depth discussion on the strengths and opportunities in Rhode’s Island’s defense ecosystem.

Alf Carroll of Raytheon, Dr. Amy Heintz of Battelle, and Glen Franks of BAE Systems, share how companies active in the defense industry approach innovation in working with startups and entrepreneurs. Moderated by Lee Silvestre of Naval X North East Tech Bridge.

Valerie Larkin, Technology Transfer Manager at NUWCDIVNPT, Ryan Beatley, Waterfront Operations Branch, and Paul Cavallaro, Leader of our Mechanics of Advanced Structures & Materials Team, share how organizations can use their Narragansett Bay Test Facility and how extensive research collaboration in composites, fabrics, and inflatable structures has advanced technology at NUWCDIVNPT.

Small businesses and startups with military contracts share their stories of innovation and commercialization with Mary Johnson, Manager of 401 Tech Bridge. Featured companies include: Ed Bard, President, of Response Technologies; Clare King, President, of Propel LLC; Jim Owens, Principal, of Nautilus Defense; and Chase Hogoboom, President, of Goetz Composites.

In this edition of GrowthLab’s Cash Flow series, Dan and Korey discuss the four issues every business faces and how we think about approaching them through a financial lens.

Juan Carlos Payero of Social Enterprise Greenhouse leads a discussion with Kathleen Burke, Newport Partnership for Families, Steve Heath, FabNewport, Bevan Linsley, Aquidneck Community Table, and Heather Hole Strout, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center, on how organizations in Newport are striving for equity in their community.

Martinha Javid, Founder of MAE Organization for the Homeless, speaks with Tuni Schartner, Executive Director of Venture Café Providence, on the current state of and homelessness and equitable housing in Rhode Island. 

Suzanne McDonald of Newport Interactive Marketing taps into master science communicator Sara Poirier’s for top tips to launch your communications into the stratosphere.

Founder and director James Monteiro calls on his hard-won experience to help guide currently and formerly incarcerated individuals along a path toward postsecondary success. Reentry Campus participants who are still incarcerated can earn college credits by passing exams and after their release matriculate into local universities, including Roger Williams University and Community College of RI.

John Kelly, District Manager at Insperity, breaks down the Human Rescources department and share stories of how businesses are using their HR strategy to impact their bottom line and why having the right strategy can have a big impact on company success.

David Dadekian, President of Eat Drink RI sits down with Kim Anderson, Creator and Co-Founder of PLANT CITY for a review of how restaurants have been operating under COVID-19 restrictions, and adapting through the reopening phases established by the State of Rhode Island.

Kristen Adamo, President & CEO of Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau leads this lively discussion with Janella Watson, Museum, Education & Children’s Media Consultant, and Trudy Coxe, CEO & Executive Director at Preservation Society of Newport County on the challenges and learnings in running and reopening museums and tourist attractions during COVID-19.

In times of struggle, new technologies and innovations can shape how we interact with each other. Hear from Rhode Island Innovators about how they are adapting their products and services to meet the needs of the public amid COVID-19.

Food Trucks In. has found ways to bring food trucks to the public through a combination of physical distantance, contactless ordering, and virtual music festivals. Hear from Eric Weiner, President of Food Trucks In., about how they’ve adapted their model to keep food truck festivals going amid a global pandemic.

In the third part of this biweekly series covering the challenges businesses are facing in the midst of a pandemic, GrowthLab shares insights for scenario planning for improved budgeting practices.

Rhode Island’s Lieutenant Governor, Dan McKee, shares new updates and initiatives from his office on how they are working to support small business health and growth.

Kerri Gaffett, Suzanne Mancini, & Rebecca Stib share their experiences with the Small Business Tech Support Program and how they’ve been able to evolve, pivot, and grow.

Matthew Leathers, Jamie Schapiro, Justin Marshall, Paul MacDonald, & John Piccirilli share how they’ve donated their time and leveraged their expertise to enable the Small Business Tech Support to maximize its impact.

Siu-Li Khoe of Rhode Island Commerce Corporation discusses the evolution and impact of the Small Business Tech Support Program and its partnership with Venture Café Providence before speaking with Kelly Ramirez of Social Enterprise Greenhouse and their effort to donate 500 computers to small businesses in need of elevating their technological infrastructure.

At the start of quarantine, panic about access to food and basic grocery store needs became a major concern for the community and high-risk populations. For Feast + Fettle, a membership-based service delivering chef-prepared and ready-to-eat meals to households, their model was just right for responding to the needs of community members and beyond.

Join Ximedica for a virtual version of their monthly technology forum reviewing medtech technologies from around the world! FEATURING: Jessica Willing-Pichs, LLB – Principal, Research and Product Strategy

In the second part of this biweekly series covering the challenges businesses are facing in the midst of a pandemic, GrowthLab shares insights for scenario planning for improved budgeting practices.

RIHub’s Annette Tonti is joined by Adam Alpert of Pangea and Robbie Felton of Intus Care, who recently received investments for their startups, expanding their businesses even during this time of being virtual!

Industry experts Jennifer McCann, Dr. Mary C. BoatmanAnnie HawkinsGrover Fugate, John O’Keeffe, and Erik Chapman review the growth of offshore renewable energy in the United States and discuss what we have learned from this experience. 

Rhode Island based design panelists Lisa Carnevale, Libby Slader, Jen Long, and Adam Anderson discuss their solutions to the challenges we are facing in today’s “new normal”. 

BIG NAZO LAB’s Dr. Tremendanus discusses subterranean social distancing encounters with select extraterrestrials who’s off-planet flights were cancelled and who are now conducting “Social Distance Street Art Processions”.

Yarrow Thorne, Founder and Executive Director of The Avenue Concept, and Angie Gonzalez, Rhode Island artist AGONZA, describe the past, present and future of public art in Rhode Island and shares why it is important to the Rhode Island ecosystem.

Navyn Salem, Founder and CEO of Edesia Nutrition, discusses the company’s mission to produce the life-saving tools needed to help overcome both malnutrition and consequential public health impacts. 

Dan Gertrudes and Korey Cournoyer of GrowthLab host the second part of the series focusing on understanding today’s challenges through the unique shifts in our economy and everyday life, while planning for long-term success. 

Dom Messerli, Board Member of RI Bio, shares experiences with running a human clinical trial in today’s environment. 

Daniela Fairchild, RI Office Of Innovation, speaks with James Monti, West Warwick Public Schools, and Angela Seifer, National Digital Inclusion Alliance, on how we can close the Digital Divide.

Allison McNally of the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission chats with Cassies Sutton Coats and Emily Adams of Open Door Health on their pivot to adopting telemedicine and how access to broadband.

Ashley Medieros (Connect Greater Newport) moderates a discussion with Steve Johnston (Open Cape), Macky McCleary (Guidehouse), and Peggy Schaffer (ConnectME Authority) on cross-regional approaches to broadband adoption.

Rhode Island State Rep Deb Ruggiero and Andrew McCardle, an attorney at Best Best & Krieger, discusses trends in telecom policy nationally, what municipalities and states are doing to make broadband access more equitable, and how the state of Rhode Island can build a better network for all its residents.

Nicole O’Malley, Executive Director of Hands in Harmony, discusses the impact of music therapy and described how Hands in Harmony has pivoted.

Elisabeth Swain leads a group of panelists to discuss the struggles, concerns, and unexpected silver linings we are experiencing as we navigate parenting during this unsettled time. 

Arnell Milhouse leads us in a conversation about thinking outside the classroom. Education will change more over the next few years than it has in the last few centuries. 

Michelle Cruz tells us a story. They say when we lose an elder, it is akin to losing a library of knowledge. We all have a story to tell and it is important to document them. 

Allison Ingalsbe of Creative Solutions facilitates a deep dive into understanding the student experience with a design thinking workshop. 

A dozen students from across Rhode Island share their experiences and perspectives on the current state of primary and secondary education. 

Eileen Hayes, President and CEO of Amos House speaks about the work being done to support the homeless populations of our community through the COVID-19 crisis.

Dan Gertrudes and Korey Cournoyer of GrowthLab focus on understanding the challenges you are facing today through the unique shifts in our economy and everyday life, while planning for long-term success. 

Danny Warshay of the Nelson Center For Entrepreneurship, and Arnell Milhouse of  CareerDevs host a fireside chat to explore the topics of entrepreneurship, education, and how teaching entrepreneurship to young people can help them see world problems as solvable especially in times of crisis.

Justin Manley highlights important developments in the Unmanned Maritime Systems (UMS) sector before moderating two startup flash talks: Jud Kauffman of Terradepth and Derek Puzzuoli of Igloo Innovations/Seahawk Robotics.

Blue Economy and startup experts including: Hope Hopkins, Justin Manley, Rhonda Moniz, and Roger Race join Toby Stapleton for an in-depth conversation highlighting the blue economy spectrum. 

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse introduces this week’s Virtual Venture Café featuring Black Swans in the Blue Economy.

Jen Silbert (Co-Founder of Spartina Consulting), Walter Berbrick (Associate Professor, War Gaming Department at U.S. Naval War College), Allison Ingalsbe (Design Thinking Facilitator), and Todd Knapp (Owner, Envision Technology Advisors) speak to us about how today’s business challenges spark a new dimension of thinking.

Mike Chea, Director of Pinpoint Translation Services, speaks about how his organization is helping nonprofits during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Steven Nijenhuis of MMID shares with us how they are prototyping to build products and learn how to build your own prototype to solve your problems today. 

Joe Devine, Interim Executive Director of Tech Collective; Christopher Hughes, Account of Executive of Bridge Technical Talent; and Manuel Lobao, Senior Manager Information Security of Carousel Industries, introduces the Technical Hacker class. 

Francesca Spidalieri, Sr. Fellow for Cyber Leadership at Pell Center of Salve Regina University, shares tips and advice for companies facing these security, privacy, and availability issues. 

Todd Knapp, CEO of Envision Technology, leads us in a discussion about what you should be doing today to address the risks you’ve inherited, and what new security measures and technologies should be put in place going forward.

Congressman Jim Langevin joins Richard Siedzik, and Dave Marble for a Q&A on cybersecurity policies coming out of Washington.

Jesse Roberts, VP of IT Security at Compass IT Compliance, discusses the spike in phishing attacks related to COVID-19, focusing on why it is important to train end users now more than ever. 

Richard Siedzik discusses the importance of “Cyber Risk Management”.

Dr. Amy Nunn, Cassie Sutten Coates, and Emily Adams, PNP, of Open Door Health, speak about how they are maintaining personalized healthcare remotely. 

Patrice McKinley sits down with her client Laurie Ruttenberg for an in-depth conversation on redefining success.

Patrice Milos of Medley Genomics, Jay Round of RI Bio, and Annette Tonti of RI Hub, share with us important updates in the Healthcare and Manufacturing Industry.

Kunal Mankodiya, PhD and Coordinator of Rapid Solvers and the University of Rhode Island, tell us how community and industry are working together to quickly prototype, test, and produce the equipment necessary for the Covid-19 crisis.

Jason Enos of Empire Group leads a discussion on the balance between safety and speed. 

Bill Cameron and Janet Himmelreich of 3Comply tell us what you need to know to manufacture N95 masks. 

Deborah Burton of RI Elder Info, speaks about the impact of COVID-19 on the senior population. 

Ainsley Cantoral, Strategic Initiatives Advisor at Providence Housing Authority; Ashley Medeiros, Project Director of Connect Greater Newport; and Daniela Fairchild, Director at Rhode Island Office of Innovation for discuss the impact that statewide broadband internet access would have on Rhode Island.

 Kelley McShane and Jamie Schapiro tell us how they used the Newport Folk Festival to grow the Granny Squibb’s brand.

Brian and Lori Halloran and Christopher Muller lead a session on best practices for reopening your food or beverage business, be it physically, or online!

David Dadekian of Eat Drink RI hosts this special hour-long session dedicated to asking questions, sharing struggles, and brainstorming innovation for the food and beverage industry.

Andy Posner of Capital Good Fund,  shares information about Capital Good Fund’s programs, including their new Crisis Relief Loan.