Rhode Island Small Business Support Workshops


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In this workshop on December 14, we’ll discuss the high-level basics of digital marketing channels (Google, social media, and email) to help small business owners determine which channel is right for them. We’ll outline key demographics, where they live online, and what to reach them with. We’ll also discuss out-of-the-box ideas to really wow a potential customer and the best practices for using each social media platform.                                                              


In this workshop on December 15, we’ll discuss the following questions to ask yourself before adopting a new tool:

  • Creating systems and SOPs
  • Best practices and tools for task management + collaboration
  • How to use tools to improve your marketing
  • Categories of tools to discuss (Social Media, Email Marketing, CRM, Productivity, Integration, Communication)

In this workshop on December 16, we’ll look at the various advertising platforms and what they can actually do for small businesses. We’ll discuss how to set up and use Facebook/Instagram Ads, when Google Ads might be better (and why), and what other platforms are available to retail and product based businesses. Budgets and best practices – and what to do if your only currency is time – will also be addressed. 

In this workshop on December 17, we’ll explore: why You Need a EMP; basic requirements – CAN-SPAM, GDPR; transactional vs. newsletters vs. automated sequences; email marketing goals; growing your email List – lead magnets; segmenting your audience; best practices for content; and avoiding the spam folder.

On December 18, we will explore the following. Have you or your coworkers experienced a traumatic event? Does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels at work? Are you looking for ways to heal from a traumatic experience? Trauma affects millions of people each year. It results in people showing up disorganized and disgruntled. Learn the ways you can help yourself and coworkers triumph over trauma and become more productive. This webinar will help you:

  • Understand trauma at work
  • Begin the conversation to help support coworkers and yourself
  • Techniques you can use to stay calm and be productive

Here are the workshops you may have missed!

Watch this workshop recording to learn: Onsite SEO;SEO basics (Meta titles/meta descriptions/alt text); Keywords; Blog posts; The Big Three (Google, Yelp, Bing)

This 30 minute session reviewed the application and provided helpful suggestions to correctly complete the form, as well as answer the following questions: What qualifies as remote work? What expenses will be covered? Who is eligible to apply?

Sixcia Devine of Caritas Smile explained how to create or claim your business profile on Google. Manage your business info across Google Search and Maps. Use Google My Business to connect with potential customers and learn how to use digital skills to help grow your business.

Sixcia Devine of Caritas Smile explicada crea o reclama tu perfil comercial en Google. Administre la información de su empresa en la Búsqueda de Google y Maps. Utilice Google My Business para conectarse con clientes potenciales y aprenda a utilizar las habilidades digitales para ayudar a hacer crecer su negocio.