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Assembly hall
Full Assembly

Perfect for large presentations, key notes and group activities with a gorgeous view. The Full Assembly room is the complete space of Matunuck and Scarborough combined, that otherwise are divided by a separation wall. You can fit 225 people seated. The price is $350/h.

About this space
Learn about what you can expect when hiring Full Assembly.
An assembly hall is a large room for presentations, key notes and other event where you need extra space.
Price: $350/h
Our prices include a range of amenities which you can find below. The minimum time for hire is 3 hours.
Capacity: 225 people
Depending on your setup it may vary. You can fit up to 225 people in a theatre setup.
Size: 2,275 square feet
A large space that allows for any event you want to host.

With our huge windows you will always have a great view!

There are 10-foot windows with lots of natural light. Out side you can see the scenic views of the pedestrian bridge and park.

Theatre Setup
This is a classic keynote setup where you can fit in a large group of people that you still easily can have interactive conversation if you want to.
Here you can see a full assembly with a theatre setup.

No idea too big!

With our whiteboard walls you have no restrictions to your brainstorming sessions! You can write on the walls from floor to ceiling.

The materials you need to use the whiteboard walls – such as multicolored markers – are included when renting Matunuck.

Available Ameneties
WIFI connection
You can make use of our high speed and secure WIFI connections. On request you can also access our encrypted connections for extra safety.
Ceiling-mounted NEC Projector
Use out ceiling mounted projector to get maximize the power of your presentation. The space includes multi-platform connectors (HDMI, Mac & PC)
Wireless microphones & audio inputs
No need to worry about the audio stuff. We have microphones and amplifiers so that you can play the sound you need.
Ceiling-mounted zoned speakers
You sound will come out sound clear and great in each zone in the space.
Standing Lectern/Podium
We cam arrange for a podium so that you can store your laptop or notes conveniently to focus on making your presentation into an experience.
Writable walls & markers using Notable
Never be restricted by the box during your brainstorm. At District Hall entire walls are whiteboards.
Filter shades and blackout shades
If the sun is coming through the windows making it hard to see, there are filters to regulate the shades in the space.
Dimmable motion-sensor lighting
With our dimmable light you can fully control the light in the space.
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On work days we get back to you within a couple of hours where we can discuss more details about your event.
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