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With floor to ceiling windows and a view of the Providence, the lounges are the perfect spaces for your next reception. Lounges are free to the public during the weekdays, but easily convertible for events!

Our Lounges
Available Amenities
In our lounges we have these Amenities available.
WIFI connection
You can make use of our high speed and secure WIFI connections. On request you can also access our encrypted connections for extra safety.
Samsung 65″ Monitor
use the screen to get maximize the power of your presentation. The space includes multi-platform connectors (HDMI, Mac & PC)
Wireless microphones & audio inputs
No need to worry about the audio stuff. We have microphones and amplifiers so that you can play the sound you need.
Separate audio zone for sound customization
You sound will come out sound clear and great in each zone in the space. There are mobile device connection to the ceiling-mounted speakers
Mobile whiteboards and markers
You will have access to mobile whiteboards that you can place through the space.
Bar surface area
You will have access to a bar are for food and beverage display.
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On work days we get back to you within a couple of hours where we can discuss more details about your event.
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