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Interested in servicing meetings and events at Providence’s newest venue, District Hall? All vendors must apply and be approved to service events in our space. Please use the form below to submit your application. Someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you believe you are an exception to any of the listed requirements or if you have any questions, please click here to email Meetings & Events Sales Manager Kajsa Whitney.

For the list of current approved vendors, please click here.

Terms of Service: District Hall Providence is a multi use facility with open work space and event rental spaces. We takes great pride in ensuring the quality of events that are hosted in our venue. We count on our local Vendors to provide exceptional service to our Clients, their guests, and our staff. These terms exist in order to set expectations and to ensure a good experience for everyone.   

I. Approval

  1. We do require the approval in advance of any Vendor, whether paid or unpaid who will be conducting a service or providing goods in our space.
  2. Vendors who would like to book a Client’s event must be approved BEFORE securing a contract with the Client. District Hall Providence will approve or deny the request within 10 business days of a completed application. 
  3. District Hall Providence reserves the right to deny or exclude any Vendor from working in our venue for any reason. Vendors who have been denied may not book Clients in our space and may be asked to refund deposits for currently booked Clients.
  4. Vendors who work in the space without approval and right of entry will result in a $500 fine. Right of entry is required for each event.
  5. Vendors must maintain a Certificate of Insurance to service any event. Click here for a Sample COI. All limits and “X” marks in blue must be matched or exceeded. Please make sure your agent includes all of the additional insureds listed.
  6. Cost of additional insurance coverage is the responsibility of the Client, not District Hall Providence.
  7. District Hall Providence can determine at any time to remove a Vendor from list, if a client or staff complains about your service.

II. Equipment Rentals and Use:

  1. District Hall Providence has standard inhouse furniture that can be moved into storage at any time. Additional furniture and equipment must be ordered by the Client. The Vendor should communicate with the Client any rental equipment needs at least 30 days in advance so they can be at the venue. District Hall Providence doesn’t keep extra equipment on hand.
  2. District Hall Providence cannot be held responsible for any theft or loss of Vendor’s equipment, products or vehicles while on-site or in our parking areas.
  3. The Vendor will be billed for any damages made by their chefs, staff, or subcontractors. Failure to pay stated damages will result in loss of privileges.
  4. In the instance District Hall Providence or Client has damaged the Vendor’s rented goods, the Vendor must notify District Hall Providence and Client of the damages or lost items within five business days. District Hall Providence is not responsible for general loss or damages. We are not able to accept any deliveries or hold any items before or after the event. If you are receiving a rental order, we ask that you have a staff member on-site to accept it during the delivery time. If items are left after the venue has closed, we cannot guarantee when the venue will be open to pick them up. There is a $50 per day holding fee for items left beyond three days. District Hall Providence reserves the right to charge an additional damage fee if large items are left behind that our staff has to remove in order to set up for the next event.
  5. Vendor may not move any furniture or rental items without permission.
  6. Vendor has access to and may use designated event staging space.
  7. Vendor who provide beverage services must supply their own cooling device (cooler, ice, etc.). District Hall Providence cannot supply or guarantee refrigeration. 

III. Payments: Vendor understands that District Hall Providence is not the contracted Client, and therefore is not responsible for making any deposits or payments to the vendors. 

IV: Client Meetings:

  1. If the Vendor has not been in our space before, we highly recommend seeing the space before you finalize event details with your client. Appointments can be arranged during business hours for site visits or you can check our website for Open House dates.
  2. With respect to District Hall Providence’s event schedule and client contracts, the Vendor agrees to refrain from bringing clients by without an appointment, or allowing uninvited guests to enter the venue for any kind of meeting or tasting during an event. Client meetings are allowed by appointment only.
  3. If the Vendor would like to attend meetings with the Client at District Hall Providence, they must make an appointment at least three days in advance. Appointment times are limited due to our event schedule. We do not allow appointments or tours during events.
  4. Vendor should NOT schedule appointments or tours with other clients to take place while setting up or working another client’s event. We do not allow outside guests in the building during someone else’s event time, please do not invite anyone to “see your set-up” or view your services.

V: Vehicles & Load-in:

  1. District Hall Providence cannot guarantee free parking. There is a contractor parking spot available on a first come, first serve basis near the loading dock. Neither District Hall nor Building Management can guarantee when the spot will be available. 
  2. Vehicles parked in unauthorized spots will be ticketed or towed.
  3. If auto coverage is not included in your COI, you are not permitted to park on the property.
  4. Vehicles should always be parked in a parking spot, even during load-in. Please DO NOT park alongside the building or block our driveways.You may park at the loading dock at the back of the building during load-in, but you must move your vehicle elsewhere during the event.
  5. The Loading Dock is located behind the building. Please notify Sales Manager of arrival so that we can coordinate loading dock access with building security. Access the Loading Dock from Richmond Street, driveway entrance is between Ship Street and Dorrance Street.
  6. Protective coverings must be used for common areas and elevators within the tenant space. Repairs of any damage to the loading dock, elevators, common area, or tenant spaces during the load in/out will be billed to the vendor.
  7. Do not prop open doors during load-in.
  8. Vendors should bring their own dollies and carts.
  9. We do not have a place to store dollies or large equipment during an event, so please put any unnecessary items back in your vehicle after you have loaded in.
  10. All load-in should be completed before the event is scheduled to begin.
  11. All Vendors are required to check out with venue staff before they leave.

VI: Event Timeline:

  1. All final orders should be confirmed with the Sales Manager at least 7 days prior to the event date.
  2. We cannot open any earlier or stay later than the Client’s contracted times.
  3. All set-up and break down must take place within the contracted time. 30-60 minutes of setup and 30-60 minutes of breakdown is automatically contracted. If vendor requires more time, vendor must notify Client and Sales Manager, and Client will be billed for the additional time at the hourly rental rate. Extra time is subject to availability, based on other event bookings that same day.
  4. We highly recommend that you are set-up and ready to go before any event starts. Noise travels in our venue and any set-up sound will be heard.

VII: Staff Behavior:

  1. Vendor’s staff members should be dressed appropriately for the event.
  2. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be brought or consumed onsite by vendors.
  3. The Building is a smoke-free building; smoking is allowed only in a designated outdoor smoking area.
  4. The Vendor and their staff should maintain a professional demeanor and avoid verbally or physically abusing or harassing District Hall Providence staff, venue guests, or other vendors. Using profane or sexual language directed towards one of our staff members will result in loss of future privileges.

VIII: Décor:

  1. District Hall Providence staff has the right to refuse any décor items if they are deemed to be a safety or fire hazard.
  2. No open flames are allowed, with the exception of sternos. All candles should be in a container with at least a 1” lip.
  3. The following activities, materials, and equipment are strictly prohibited: fog producing equipment; candles and other open flames; permanent markers; confetti; glitter; helium balloons; pyrotechnics.
  4. All electrical cords and equipment cables must be installed so as not to present a hazard and must be in accordance with National Fire Protection Association safety standards and all fire codes.
  5. Vendor shall not nail, screw, tape or otherwise attach anything to the walls, ceilings, floors or fixtures of the Building. Tape, ink or tacks on the tables or chairs are not permitted. Use of permanent markers is not permitted anywhere inside DH. All client or Vendor signage, banners and decorations and their placement must be approved by DH in advance. No signage, banners or decorations may be attached to walls or ceilings or Building fixtures.

IX: Safety: In order to maintain a safe facility free from injury or harm, we ask for vendor’s cooperation with the following:

  1. If a vendor causes or sees a spill, no matter who caused it or what it is, please clean it up and notify a District Hall Providence staff member.
  2. All trash should be disposed of safely IN the dumpster in the loading dock area. Don’t carry bags of trash through the venue, carry the whole can and dump it. DO NOT leave trash bags next to or beside the dumpster. If the dumpster is full, you should take your trash back with you.
  3. Vendors should work with our security officers to maintain a safe environment. If you see an incident, trespasser or altercation they should be aware of, please let them know.
  4. Cooking can occur onsite with Building Management approval. You must meet Providence fire code, meaning you must have fire extinguishers with you. Please notify the Sales Manager of any onsite cooking at least 7 days prior to event date. 

Vendor Application

All fields required.
  • High res, jpeg only.
  • Vendors must maintain a Certificate of Insurance. Requirements are outlined in the sample COI above.
  • If you will be serving alcohol, a current liquor license must be provided.
  • Please use this space for any additional information or comments you wish to include.

Thank you for your support of District Hall, powered by Venture Café New England!